What Everyone Is Saying About Us

"Beautiful place to have a wedding! ♡ they have done a wonderful job at making the barn stunningly beautiful!:)" - Megan G.

"I attended the singing on Saturday the 8th. It was wonderful! The barn, is beautiful. I was expecting it to be lovely but it was beyond that. Beautiful place!!! The family really has something special." - Cheyenna H.


"Beautiful place, beautiful setting! Even got to pet and feed the horses!' - Julia C.

"Had our friend a surprise birthday party at the barn. Awesome place! Friend was over an hour late to her surprise party. Whoever put this large projector screen in this place was a genius. The football game was on while we were waiting! Awesome! Saved the day!" - Chris F.

"Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be. Thank you all so much." - Emily K.

"Enjoyed the "Opry" at the Barn. It was a great event! Good job!" - Sylvia F.